Discover the best ways to get around Ottawa with this comprehensive guide to transportation options. From public transit to bike sharing programs, taxis to walking tours, find the perfect transportation option for your needs and budget in this vibrant and welcoming city.

Ottawa, the capital city of Canada, is a bustling urban center with a wide range of transportation options to help visitors navigate the city with ease. From public transit to bike sharing programs, Ottawa offers a variety of transportation options to fit any need or budget.

Public Transit in Ottawa

The public transit system in Ottawa is known as OC Transpo, and it provides bus and light rail transit services throughout the city and surrounding areas. The system is efficient and reliable, and offers a range of fare options to fit any budget. Riders can purchase single ride tickets, day passes, and monthly passes, and there are discounted fares available for seniors, students, and children. In addition, the city also offers a Para Transpo service for residents and visitors with mobility challenges.

Taxis and Ride-sharing Services: in Ottawa

Taxis and ride-sharing services are also widely available in Ottawa, with several major companies operating in the city, including Uber and Lyft. Taxis are available for pick-up at taxi stands throughout the city, or can be hailed on the street. Ride-sharing services can be accessed through their respective mobile apps.

Biking in Ottawa

Biking is a popular transportation option in Ottawa, with several bike sharing programs available throughout the city. The largest bike sharing program in the city is called VeloGo, and offers a fleet of bicycles for rent at various stations throughout the city. In addition, Ottawa also offers a number of bike lanes and trails, making it easy and safe to bike around the city.

Driving in Ottawa

Driving in Ottawa is also an option, although it is important to note that traffic can be heavy during peak hours. The city has a well-maintained road network, and several major highways connect Ottawa to nearby cities and attractions. There are also several paid parking options available throughout the city, including street parking and parking garages.

Walking in Ottawa

Finally, walking is a great way to explore Ottawa, particularly in the downtown core where many attractions and amenities are within walking distance of each other. The city has a number of pedestrian-friendly areas, including Sparks Street Mall and the pedestrian-only area of Elgin Street.

Airport Transportation in Ottawa

For those arriving in Ottawa by air, there are several transportation options available from the airport to the city center. The most popular option is taking a taxi or ride-sharing service, which can be easily arranged at the airport’s designated pick-up area. Another option is taking the OC Transpo bus, which offers a direct route from the airport to downtown Ottawa.

Car Rental

For those who prefer to have their own vehicle to explore the city and surrounding areas, car rental is also available at the airport and throughout the city. Many major car rental companies have offices in Ottawa, including Avis, Budget, Hertz, and Enterprise. Visitors can easily book a car online or in person at one of the rental offices, and there are several parking options available throughout the city.


Ottawa offers a range of transportation options to help visitors navigate the city with ease. Whether you prefer public transit, taxis, biking, driving, or walking, there is a transportation option to fit your needs and budget in this vibrant and welcoming city.